Exercise and regular physical activity have benefits that extend passed that of the body. The nourishing and healing effects that exercise has on the mind contribute greatly to overall well being. These benefits can help you manage your life commitments better, manage your emotions and even assist in recovery from addiction and insomnia. Continue reading Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

If you’ve read any of our WHC health and fitness guides, you’ll know that we are all firm ambassadors of breakfast! You MUST eat breakfast! Many people think they are side stepping hefty dose of calories and making progress towards their weight loss goals by avoiding breakfast. In actual fact they are ruining much of their hard work in doing so. Breakfast is essential for awakening your metabolism for the day (the way your body burns calories) and setting your blood sugars at a healthy level. Hunger crashes and a slumped metabolism are inevitable if you skip your morning meal. Continue reading The Worst Ways To Start Your Day

Smoking has extensive detrimental, terrible effects on the body’s systems. If you continue to smoke through your life, you will continue to put dangerous, immeasurable stress on your body and stunt your health. Many people take up and continue to smoke as a means of controlling their weight. This theory carries no evidence with it, and is being constantly challenged by new findings relating smoking to higher intake of calories and retention of fat than nonsmokers. Continue reading Smoking: Cancer Is Just One Of Many Results…

You’ll notice throughout the WHC challenge, we strongly encourage the formation of teams and groups. Why, you ask? Teamwork in the workplace, as well as at home, has proven to have very positive effects on productivity. Continue reading Teamwork Works!

Have you ever wondered why healthy people always have a drink bottle with them? Why they’re always sipping from 2 litre bottles of water and never frequent the vending machine for that afternoon soft drink to pick them up? Water is key to getting (and staying) healthy. This is one of the most basic habits you need to develop to improve your health. Continue reading Hydration for Life