Depending on where and when you work, it’s safe to say it will probably look a little odd if you’re smashing out aerobics at your desk every few hours. That being said, we are advocates for scheduling regular physical activity throughout the day, particularly if you work in a desk environment. Not only does it assist in keeping your metabolism ticking at a nice pace and exercises your heart muscle gently, but it also helps to improve productivity levels. Continue reading Workplace Friendly Mini-Workouts

No doubt you’ve seen countless joggers, cyclist and walkers doing laps of your local park on weekends, or pounding the pavement in the wee hours of the morning. You might have tried the same at some stage. While cardio is great (and we highly recommend it!) to truly get the most out of your fitness regime, you need to be incorporating more than just cardio. Weight training has been show to ramp up calorie burning, and keep that burn going for hours on end after your workout is over. Continue reading Weight Training To Increase Your Calorie Burn

We’ve all been victim to the dreaded stitch! And as with muscle soreness, exhaustion and injury, they are more common amongst those just starting out exercising, running in particular. As you build your cardio fitness and gain more control over your breathing, you will experience less frequent stitches. Continue reading The Dreaded Stitch