Hydration for Life

Have you ever wondered why healthy people always have a drink bottle with them? Why they’re always sipping from 2 litre bottles of water and never frequent the vending machine for that afternoon soft drink to pick them up? Water is key to getting (and staying) healthy. This is one of the most basic habits you need to develop to improve your health.

We not only need to drink water to get healthy, we need it to basically live and exist! Our bodies are 60% water. Our brains are 70% and our lungs approximately 90% made of H2O! I like having a brain and lungs, don’t you??

By the way, how much is that daily can of soft drink costing you? $1.50 a can? That makes $10.50 a week and $126 over the course of the WHC. I don’t know about you but I sure would love to have that extra cash in my pocket!

Stop drinking your calories and reach for water. It is the simplest of simple steps that you can take to improving your health today. Register your interest for the next Workplace Health Challenge today. Our 12 week guide is full of more simple yet effective healthy tips to get you on the right track ASAP.

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