The Best Portable Fitness Gear

For some of us, work means hours, days, even weeks on the road. If your day to day lifestyle means you are travelling for much of the time, there are a few little pieces of fitness equipment that you can conveniently, easily pack to take with you to fit some exercise into your day.


Pop it in your bag…

Skipping rope – Ever wonder why you see skipping in every single boxing movie that was ever made? Skipping is one of the absolute best cardio workouts you can do! A skipping workout uses your entire body: your upper body to spin and coordinate the rope, your legs to jump, and your abdominals to stabilise the entire movement. Some studies show that a ten minute skipping workout can burn the equivalent calories of a 45 minute run!

Resistance bands – These stretchy bands are the perfect portable strength builder. They’re great for those rehab’ing old injuries as they provide resistance without impact. Roll them up for super convenient storage.


Chuck it in the boot…

Ankle/wrist weights – These wrap around weights come in a range of weight levels and are great for walking workouts to provide that extra burn.

Ball – Chuck a basketball in the boot of your car and shoot some hoops for 15 minutes! You’ll up your game in no time!

Foam roller – Great for stimulating better circulation after long drives. And it weighs practically nothing!

Yoga mat – Roll up one of these babies for pilates, yoga and stretching sessions in between trips. A good stretching session will do wonders for your back on those long drives!

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