The workplace can be the absolute sabotage culprits of your healthy efforts: Office kitchen cupboards packed with sugary biscuits, chips and lollies for those afternoon cravings; cafes and takeaway joints on every corner with bain maries full of fried fatty foods and pastries. It can be total torture! If you and your team want to really succeed in this Workplace Health Challenge, you need to be creating the optimal environment that is going to support your new habits. Continue reading Healthy Office Snack Hacks

Have you kicked your daily sugary soft drink habits and filled your fridge with diet colas and lemonades? You may be surprised to hear that this switch will likely provide little to no benefits to your health. Diet soft drinks, whilst they rate zero on the calorie scale, are not your healthy friends. After all, there has to be something in that glass that makes it taste sweet, right? Continue reading Why Diet Soda Is Keeping You Fat

Obesity is the number one health issue facing the developed world. That’s bigger than drugs, bigger than cancer. Obesity is defined as excessive fat accumulation that may impair one’s health. Although many may talk about the role of genetics in effecting our very weighty status, this does not explain why the percentage of overweight people making up the populations of so many first world countries continues to tragically rise and rise generation after generation. Continue reading The Obesity Epidemic