What Are Endorphins?

Ever heard of the “Runner’s High” and wondered how something seemingly so un-pleasure-able could create feelings of intense euphoria? This is caused by that thing that you keep hearing about but don’t really know what it is: Endorphins.

No, it’s nothing to do with doors, fins, or dolphins.

Endorphins are a chemical released into our bloodstream and brains. When you exercise, they are released to minimise the discomfort of stress on the body, block pain sensors and, sometimes, create feelings of euphoria.

It was once thought that exercise caused only the release of endorphins into the bloodstream, however studies since then have suggested that they are also released into the brain, creating those feelings of exhilaration after strenuous workouts.

So now you know what endorphins are! We also find a great deal of satisfaction and achievement in knowing that we’ve completed our workouts for the day, so really, it’s a double high!

What are you waiting for? Go burn those calories and get that happy buzz for yourself!

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