Teamwork Works!

You’ll notice throughout the WHC challenge, we strongly encourage the formation of teams and groups. Why, you ask? Teamwork in the workplace, as well as at home, has proven to have very positive effects on productivity.

It encourages delegation. When people work as a team, it is common for them to divide up tasks in regards to what type of jobs they perform best doing. In doing so, managers and supervisors can utilise these resources for future projects, producing end products of a higher quality. Do you have someone who is good at planning? Ask them to show you and handy tips they may have to keep you on track. Maybe you have someone in in your team who is good at making healthy meals or enjoys a certain fitness activity. Play on each other’s strengths to help you all get through these 12 weeks!

It fosters new ideas. The nature of teamwork encourages performance flow and the development of new ideas through collaboration. You never know what innovative ideas your employees may come up with together that could improve your productivity in the workplace. During the WHC, encourage your team members to try new physical activities to keep things interesting. Maybe you can come up with a weekly group fitness activity that everyone can enjoy. This could be morning jogs or yoga, Friday lunchtime sports or social dance nights.

It produces clear communication. Many people feel more comfortable communicating with groups of people rather than individuals. It tends to make them feel more at ease. With more interpretations of messages, information received and discussed by groups is much less fragmented. This is great for understanding new processes and projects at work, but also with understanding new healthy concepts and strategies. Discuss anything you are unclear of with your teammates. They may offer some really great clarification and insight!

All in all, teamwork in the workplace contributes to a positive corporate culture. Happy employees are more auspicious and productive. And healthy happy employees? Well that’s just a double win isn’t it?

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