The Covert Calories In Your Daily Coffee Hit

We have plenty of caffeine lovers in the WHC office. We love a nice strong cuppa as much as the next guy or girl! However it pays to be conscious of how you drink your daily coffee as you can run the risk of it pushing you into unhealthy territory.

Do you know how long that large soy flat white with one sugar will take you to burn off? Even worse, that chai latte with honey? Unfortunately, this common daily indulgence carries with it a whole load of hidden calories. But we’re not saying you should give it up, just be aware of the different choices you can make to make it better for you.

The milk: The biggest problem with a lot of coffee choices is the milk. A full cream milk coffee can pack a whopping 160 calories from milk alone! If you don’t like black coffee, opt for small size coffees with skim milk.

The sugar: Do you double your regular coffee hit with a sugar hit? Next time you ask for two sugars, consider that each sachet of sugar adds 16 calories to your hot drink. Ouch! Chai lattes in particular are generally shockers in the sugar department, often made with pre-made syrups, artificial sweeteners and extra honey.

The extras: Cheeky extras like flavoured syrups and whipped cream are just bad, bad news. Made from refined sugars and fat, these extras essentially turn your hot drink into a sugar filled dessert.
If you’ve read this and realised that your coffee choice ticks all the WRONG boxes, try taking smaller regular steps to cut down on the bad stuff. Change your full cream milk to skim and halve your sugar to begin with. Gradually your tastes will change if you are making more healthy choices elsewhere, and you might find that you revert to long blacks with a splash of milk before too long. Believe us, it packs a great caffeine punch! Leave your cappuccinos and chai lattes for your AWOL or cheat day and you’ll find you enjoy them that much more as a treat!

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