The Worst Ways To Start Your Day

If you’ve read any of our WHC health and fitness guides, you’ll know that we are all firm ambassadors of breakfast! You MUST eat breakfast! Many people think they are side stepping hefty dose of calories and making progress towards their weight loss goals by avoiding breakfast. In actual fact they are ruining much of their hard work in doing so. Breakfast is essential for awakening your metabolism for the day (the way your body burns calories) and setting your blood sugars at a healthy level. Hunger crashes and a slumped metabolism are inevitable if you skip your morning meal.

While any food in the morning is better than no food at all, there are some breakfast options you should steer well clear of. An adequate breakfast contains substantial fibre, high protein and low sugar. These three commonly eaten breaky options miss the mark entirely.

JUICES: While the green juice craze has taken the world by storm, juice is not an adequate breakfast. Juices, while containing high levels of antioxidants, are high in sugar and extremely low in fibre. They are also devoid of protein, meaning you will be starving in no time. For a protein rich, low sugar smoothie, blend some mixed berries, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, some unsweetened almond milk and a teaspoon of cinnamon.

BAKED GOODS: Bagels, muffins, crumpets, doughnuts, pastries. No, no, no, no and NO! These types of choices are made from refined flour and all have added sugar to taste. This is basically like having dessert for breakfast. Yuck! If you want to have a naughty-but-nice breakfast every now and then, try this recipe for healthy protein pancakes. You can indulge a little and give your body the nutrition it needs at the same time.

SUGAR-LADEN CEREALS: Cereal brands can be very sneaky in the way they label their cereals. Don’t be sucked in by cereal boxes that have “low-fat” and “whole-grain” written accross them in big letters. Always read the ingredients list. When in doubt its best to opt for those with the least number of ingredients, and those that have been through the fewest possible manufacturing processes to get to you. Choose un-flavoured oats and microwave with a bit of milk to soften them up. Add a small portion of raw almonds for some crunch, a sliced banana, some cinnamon, and you’re good to go!
Notice all of our alternative suggestions involve healthy fibre in the form of fruit or grains and protein? Keep this in mind when you’re doing your meal planning and preparation!


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