Are you a positive person? Are you waking up with the right attitude? Sometimes we don’t realise until we take a step, that we’re actually not starting our days off in the right state of mind. Before we roll over to turn our alarm off we’re already dreading whats ahead, feeling buried beneath the huge list of tasks we need to achieve, planning down to the hour, willing it to be over so we can just crawl back under the covers. Does this sound like you?

Waking up early is a sure fire way to give anyone the morning grumbles, but putting some conscious effort into being positive every morning contributes greatly to how your day will pan out, and how you will decide to tackle challenges it may bring. It may feel silly at first, but positive affirmations are a brilliant way to shift your mind into a more positive landscape. You’ll start to regain perspective and take on your days with a more cheerful demeanor.

The most effective changes are often the smallest changes we make that can be performed regularly with ease, so try giving one of these affirmations a go every morning. All you need to do is read one each morning and taker a brief moment to think about it. Let it sink in, let yourself have a smile about it, then get up to start your day.Leave a notepad next to your bed with each of them written down. Or, write them on little piece of paper and put them in a jar to pull out once you wake up. You can add to your collection each time you hear something that makes you smile.

Here are a few we enjoy.

  • I will succeed today because I am good at what I do.
  • I accept and believe in who I am.
  • My body is capable of getting stronger and I can give it what it needs to be healthy.
  • I deserve love and respect.
  • I will be energetic and positive today.
  • I am grateful for my life and the people in it.
  • Today I will be healthy and happy.

Remember your morning affirmation when you come up against challenges during the day, be it at home, at the gym or at work. You’ll find they can help you feel more centred, more focussed and more in control.

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