Screen Free Time For A Good Night Sleep

We all do it. Jump into bed, and get one last look on our phones to check emails, scroll social media or read our favourite gossip blogs.

But have you ever found that you struggle to shut off once you finally put your phone down and switch the light off? Found that even when you close your eyes finally, it feels like there’s still a light on behind your eyelids?

Recent studies have shown that screen time immediately before bed can reduce and stunt your natural production of Melatonin, the hormone that helps us drift off to sleep. Because our brains have evolved to naturally stay awake during daylight hours, a light this close to our face this late at night may be confusing our senses.

While studies are still being done to uncover whether this type of late screen contact is a contributor or lack of sleep or restless sleep, it pays to experiment with your own habits. Try doing your last screen checks 15 minutes before you go to bed, maybe while you’re still on the couch relaxing. Set your alarm before you head in for the night, and make your bedroom a screen free zone for the evening.
It’s definitely worth a try! See if, after a couple of nights, you’re sleeping more soundly and waking up with more energy. You may experience heightened focus at work also. We’d love to hear how you go!


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