Cardio Exercise That Won’t Hurt Your Knees

While jogging and jump rope are fantastic cardio exercises for shifting that extra weight, they can be pretty hard on the knees. But the Workplace Health Challenge motto is, and always will be “DON’T QUIT”. There are always alternatives to be found if you want to get healthy bad enough! And they’re surprisingly not hard to find.

Bike or stationary gym bike – Cycling is fantastic for improving your cardio fitness and strengthening the leg muscles that support your knee capsule.

Rowing machine – The rowing machine at the gym is often avoided by members. Why? Because it is SUCH a good workout! It uses your whole body without putting impact through your knees. Give it a go, you’ll be surprised how quickly you work up a sweat. Hugh Jackman used a rowing machine regularly to carve his awesome Wolverine physique!

Elliptical Machines – These clever machines imitate gentle walking and jogging motions. They are built with moving handles to give you both an upper and lower body workout.

Swimming – Ultimately one of the best cardio workouts of them all! The water supports your whole body, leaving little to no room for weight impact. Stick to straight kicking styles such as freestyle and backstroke rather than breaststroke that utilizes a sideways forg-like kick. This will avoid any potential pain or damage to the structures on the sides of your knees.

If you suffer a knee injury or chronic knee pain, consult your healthcare professional before conducting any type of exercise programs.

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