Workplace Friendly Mini-Workouts

Depending on where and when you work, it’s safe to say it will probably look a little odd if you’re smashing out aerobics at your desk every few hours. That being said, we are advocates for scheduling regular physical activity throughout the day, particularly if you work in a desk environment. Not only does it assist in keeping your metabolism ticking at a nice pace and exercises your heart muscle gently, but it also helps to improve productivity levels.

Here are a few sneaky exercises you can add into your day that won’t require you to install an entire gym into your office space.

  • Squats – These can be done anywhere! Take a trip to the bathroom each hour and complete 10 squats.
  • Push-ups – Duck behind the desk in your office and smash out 10. If you can’t complete full push-ups (up on the toes), build up to it by starting on your knees. If you do this every day you’ll really develop your upper body strength.
  • Star Jumps – Great for cardio bursts! When you jump out with your legs apart, make sure you land with your feet flat on the floor and knees slightly bent. This will activate your leg and glute muscles. Raise your arms straight to touch above your head to get that full range of movement.
  • Stair laps – Is your office building multi-storey? That’s too easy! Take a couple of laps of the stairs a few times a day.
  • Arm weights – Store a pair of light dumbbells in your desk drawer or in your car to grab out at every chance. You can use these to do arm rotations, lunges, overhead presses or to take on lunchtime walks.

If you get your whole office in on the WHC, you won’t be alone in your mini workouts! Set a number of reps to reach a day and make sure everyone hits their target!

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