The Benefits Of Uphill Walking

Going for morning walks is a great way to start your day. It wakes your body up, gets your body burning calories before breakfast and produces wonderful Endorphins to put you in a great mood! Walking is also a great social workout.

But if you want to turn up the intensity of your walking workout without running or having to walk miles on end, up the gradient of your walking track!

Uphill walking is fantastic for upping that calorie burn and building muscle in your legs. Our legs aren’t accustomed to walking up and down hills regularly, so it’s great for strengthening the legs and glutes, as well as increasing cardio fitness.

Be sure to stretch before you start your uphill workout to prepare your muscles. You don’t want to pull a hammy on the way up!

On your way back down the hill, don’t run! Doing so will greatly increase your risks of hurting your knees. Take it slow and focus on bending your knees and flexing your quads (thigh muscles) with every down step. This will protect the knee joint and also work to develop your quad strength.

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