5 Benefits of Investing in Healthy Workplace Programs

As business owners and CEO’s, managers, supervisors and team leaders, we all understand about weighing up the necessity of investment. Investing in the health and well being of your employees brings immense ROI to all workplaces.

Below are just 5 of the improvements you’ll experience once you implement healthystrategies into your own business.

1. Preventable diseases such as those caused by unhealthy food choices and sedentary lifestyles are the leading cause of workplace absenteeism. These diseases include type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart & liver disease and respiratory problems.

2. Healthy employees are approximately three times more productive, displaying dramatically less fatigue than their unhealthy counterparts.

3. Healthy positive workplaces improve not only productivity but quality of work. A healthy employee is a more capable employee. Healthier habits increase energy levels, mental focus and promote a positive attitude.

4. Healthy workplace programs encourage positive interaction between employees, promoting teamwork and increased consultation on projects and workplace issues.

5. Healthy habits extend to healthy habits in the home. Employees teaching healthy habits to their families will likely be required to miss less days of work at home caring for sick or injured family members.

Invest in implementing the Workplace Health Challenge in your workplace today and experience the fantastic transformations for yourself. Contact us now for more information about our upcoming program!

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