Toxic Fat

Being overweight is not just unhealthy. It is toxic. Fat is not simply a storage of energy. It has recently been discovered that excess fat in the body is responsible for producing numerous toxic chemicals. The lifestyle diseases that result from these chemicals are not only the leading cause of workplace absenteeism in Australia, they are also the leading cause of death. Fat is literally killing us.

When you consume an unhealthy high-fat diet, the results extend past what you see as an expanding waistline and an increase on the scales. Visceral fat is internal fat that surrounds your vital organs. Here, the fat is almost active in nature, secreting poisons into your system, taxing and stressing your body. These poisons also offset your hormones, leading to increases in depression and general feelings of “being low”. Fat is not only in your body, it literally gets into your head.

People need to stop taking the concept of being overweight lightly. It is a tragedy that we have so many fantastic resources at the tips of our fingers, yet such a high percentage of the population still seem incapable of getting healthy. Such a huge number of us continue to kill ourselves from the inside.

Get healthy and get healthy now. Register your interest for the Workplace Health Challenge now and make the commitment to a healthier, happier you.

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