Are you stressing yourself out of achieving your goals? Are you running around like a headless chook trying to balance all of your commitments? The reality of life is, well, we’re all crazy busy! If we didn’t realise that, we wouldn’t have created this challenge for you! The key to reducing your stress levels and regaining control over your diet throughout the week is planning. (more…)

If you are a parent, your kids will be learning a lot of habits from you that they will continue with for the rest of their lives. It is super important to foster healthy, active lifestyles and spend quality time with your family. But how do we do both at the same time? Here are a few ideas for physical activities that will get your whole family moving and having a laugh together. (more…)

We have plenty of caffeine lovers in the WHC office. We love a nice strong cuppa as much as the next guy or girl! However it pays to be conscious of how you drink your daily coffee as you can run the risk of it pushing you into unhealthy territory. (more…)

Ever heard of the “Runner’s High” and wondered how something seemingly so un-pleasure-able could create feelings of intense euphoria? This is caused by that thing that you keep hearing about but don’t really know what it is: Endorphins. (more…)

For some of us, work means hours, days, even weeks on the road. If your day to day lifestyle means you are travelling for much of the time, there are a few little pieces of fitness equipment that you can conveniently, easily pack to take with you to fit some exercise into your day. (more…)

The workplace can be the absolute sabotage culprits of your healthy efforts: Office kitchen cupboards packed with sugary biscuits, chips and lollies for those afternoon cravings; cafes and takeaway joints on every corner with bain maries full of fried fatty foods and pastries. It can be total torture! If you and your team want to really succeed in this Workplace Health Challenge, you need to be creating the optimal environment that is going to support your new habits. (more…)

This week we thought we’d hustle up seven awesome motivational quotes to keep you on track heading towards your goals! Don’t lose that determined spark folks, we’ve got a quote for every day of your week! (more…)